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In my last article I introduced you to how the “basic” proof of intrinsic safety can be provided for instruments and pressure sensors approved to ATEX in Europe. Each installer or operator must ensure that the employees in the plant are not endangered and certainly not injured. Therefore, when using intrinsically safe protection methods, it must be thoroughly documented which instruments are used and how these are connected. This proof of intrinsic safety is made by checking the electrical safety data of the pressure sensor and the associated apparatus used against the intrinsically safe isolated barrier. If the proof fulfils the conditions mentioned below, then the interconnection is intrinsically safe and thus can be used in the system or machinery.
pressure gauge octa for the creation of a proof of intrinsic safety for ATEX certified pressure sensors
For the WIKA IS-3, we have documented the verification process as an example. On the basis of this example, you can easily create the documentation for your system or machinery. (Proof of intrinsic safety for the IS-3)
Should you need any help with choosing a suitable solution for your pressure measurement requirement, please speak to your contact Person. Further Information on IS-3 intrinsically safe pressure transmitter (ATEX, IECEx) and
on the intrinsically safe isolated barrier can be found on the WIKA Website.