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Leybold presents the NDi central vacuum system

In เกจวัดความดันแก๊ส requiring a clear central vacuum, the new standardised vacuum system NDi ensures a dependable supply. The innovation from Leybold is based on the dry-running NOVADRY screw pump, which is strong over the complete pressure range, and the integrated VAControl CAB controller for good management. The vary of functions for the NDI central system contains food and packaging processes, analysis & growth, vacuum conveying systems as nicely as medical and laboratory purposes.
Hygiene, financial system, reliability
In these areas of utility, hygiene, economic system, reliability, compactness and ease of operation are essential to the operators. For vacuum values similar to the ultimate strain or pumping speed, process-dependent flexibility is required. “In view of those requirements, the strengths of our oil-free, air-cooled screw vacuum pump NOVADRY come into their own”, emphasises the accountable Product Manager, Dennis Schröder. “In addition to accumulating air and water vapour mixtures, the strong screw vacuum pump launched in 2019 tolerates, among other things, contamination of the gasoline flow with natural acids, food additives or other residues. This ensures lengthy working instances,” Schröder continues.
Smart control of all processes
By equipping the standardised NDi pump techniques with the VAControl CAB, Leybold ensures intelligent control of all processes. Continuous knowledge recording ensures maximum production high quality, with the encrypted pump data obtainable regardless of location. Individual customers can access the server at any time – users can select between local, distant or cloud connectivity. Direct control of the system is feasible by way of numerous interfaces and finish gadgets.
Maintenance and repair suggestions of the vacuum system
The intelligent software features that Leybold has saved in the management system are all practical and user-friendly and serve the whole process planning: For example, they can be used to control the begins and stops of a number of pumps, the strain management and the cloud
communication by way of GENIUS. The maintenance and service suggestions of the vacuum system are generated by the highly effective laptop relying on the operating occasions.
Strong vacuum efficiency
The standardised NDi vacuum techniques can be found totally assembled in different pumping speeds: as ND 400i with 400 m3/h pumping speed and as ND 600i model with 600 m3/h pumping pace. A sturdy vacuum performance up to a working stress of 5 mbar, clever strain adjustment and management of the goal pressure complete the features of the smart NDi vacuum package deal from Leybold.


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เกจวัดแรงดัน มีประโยชน์ ทำไมต้องใช้ในอุตสาหกรรม

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